Things To Remember, Gardening In Spring

sunflower-448654_640The familiar warmth of sunshine gently caresses the front porch as birds tweet away to usher in the morning. It is that unmistakable mark of spring as the weather turns friendly and inviting. While the first instinct may be to jump into a swimsuit and slap on some suntan lotion, there is another consideration that often goes unchecked. Your garden has been battle – hardened by the winter season and now it’s time for some well – deserved rejuvenation. In doing this, there are a couple of simple cues that one can follow to give one’s garden the sprucing it needs.

The first step is to do some spring cleaning. Make it a point to rid your gardening space of any rubble, leaves and twigs that may have accumulated over winter. Weeding and mulching are also recommended so as to give your new plants a fighting chance, as they will have minimal competition for sunlight, water and nutrients.

After clearing out your working studio, comes the fun part. The winter is usually a harsh period in which the soil undergoes a lot of stress and nutrient deficit. Adding supplementary nourishment to the soil will help to give your garden the foundation it needs. Although fertilizers offer a quick solution, it is always a good idea to go with organic material or compost. In the long term these will prove to be beneficial for both the plants and the whole ecosystem revolving around them.

Focus also needs to be put on the plants themselves. Having gone through the extended cold and possible snow, the plants need to be pruned giving them a chance to grow new leaves and branches that are stronger and will deliver water and nutrients more efficiently throughout the plant. If some of the plants are badly damaged it may be a good idea to uproot them and replant as necessary.

To complete the picture, adding new plants and flowers is a good way to give the garden a new and improved look. To fit the spring feel, flowers with warm, bright colors such as daisies and roses give an ambiance and aroma that makes any garden irresistible.


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