The Zoo In My Backyard: Bringing Life To Your Garden

imageThere is nothing that creates a more surreal and bustling atmosphere in a home than a garden that is abuzz with both flora and fauna. Animals of different shapes and sizes help bring an exciting dimension to your garden. Though it may seem difficult to encourage animal life into your garden, there are a few things you can do to make this a reality. The added bonus of having animals in your garden, unlike pets, is that these creatures require minimal care and supervision. By simply providing basic amenities like shelter and food, you will enjoy the wild variety of animals, insects and birds in your backyard.

An inventive way to attract animal life to your garden is building a pond. Because of the vital role that water plays in all forms of life, by just having a pond, many species of animal life will gladly visit your garden. The biggest advantage to that is you can regulate how big and deep the pond can be, hence having a say in the type of creatures you attract to your domain.

Compost heaps are also a great way to promote biodiversity in your garden. In addition to providing nourishment to your plants, compost piles serve as a home and food source for all sorts of insects and invertebrates. Anything from earth worms to hedgehogs may find its way to your space. Once again, you can determine how big you want the heap to be.

Another manner in which you can bring a buzz to your garden is by planting nectar rich flowers. Varieties such as dandelions, rosemary, and lavender are all flowers that have an abundance of nectar to attract all sorts of pollen seeking insects. The best part is you can choose which type of insects you want to have around you as different kinds of nectar draw different insects. In this regard, once the flowers are in bloom, you can look forward to bees, moths, butterflies and hummingbirds becoming frequent visitors to your space.
As can be seen, there are various ways in which you can bring in an added dimension to your garden by introducing animal life. The plus is that you have some leeway on the size, number and type of animals you can have.

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