How to protect your garden over winter

Winter is a ‘dead’ season for any garden, due to the cold weather. It affects your plants badly, rotting the roots and damaging the leaves. That’s why it’s so important to protect your garden before the first frosts come, in order to get a good harvest the next year.

Protecting the garden depends on the place, where you live. The winter in one location may be absolutely different, then in the other. Even winters in one region may differ! That’s why you should pay closer attention to the weather forecasts for the next year. It will allow you to avoid getting caught out by the frosts, coming suddenly.

The main tools for protecting the plants over winter are compost and mulch. The layer of any of this material 5 centimetres deep, put around the perennials allows keeping the herbs warm even in a heavy frost. One more useful function of the compost is leaving organic nutrients in the soil for the next year’s harvest.

Another tip you should remember about while preparing your garden for winter is a soil drainage. It allows removing the odd liquid away from the plants. The right-designed drainage system is important for keeping the ground warm enough as well.

If you are not so experienced gardener, when the winter comes – you should collect more advises and tips from the web or from your neighbours and friends, living in the same area, as you do. However, in 2-3 years you’ll get enough experience for saving your garden over the winter.


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