Making The Garden A Safer Place For All

While anyone can appreciate a great garden, there are some precautions that may need to be taken. For one, children make for keen explorers and will eat, smell and / or touch anything that catches their attention. As such if one has a garden, particularly with a family or pets, there is need to make sure that the plant life found in it does not pose a threat to both humans and the animals that make up the family.

The first and possibly most important precaution is to make a garden safe for babies and toddlers. Because of the color, scents and visually stimulating nature of plants and flowers, children generally gravitate towards gardens. Because of this, there can be no substitute to manually supervising one’s child when they spend time anywhere near plant life. However in the real world this is not always feasible. As such consider cordoning or uprooting plants that look suspicious, unless the kids are old enough to know not eat everything they see.

Another step one can take to make the garden a safer place is to avoid open and unattended holes and gaps. While these may pose minimal threats to people, it is possible for a dog or similar pet to fall in, seriously injuring themselves in the process. Fencing off work in progress or covering it up is a good way to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

As you work towards making your garden safe for all visitors, it is a good idea to make sure that flowerpots and other kinds of pottery such as garden gnomes are well placed and secure. If placed in a haphazard manner, without consideration of visitors, young and old, they may cause injury as people trip over them. In even more grave scenarios, suspended pot plants can fall on someone causing quite a nasty injury. Regular maintenance and checking of these can be the difference between a lovely stroll and a visit to the outpatients section of the hospital.

While these are great ways to make the garden a safer space, it is important to observe general safety rules as well. Running in the garden and carrying heavy loads are some examples of things to refrain from in order to fully enjoy the experience.

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