Living The Country Life In Metrospaces

garden-509550_640With the majority of the working population living in urban areas, space is always a long desired consideration that is often expensive and in some cases impossible to come across. For this reason, many people living in cities and towns have resorted to spending time at parks and recreational areas to unwind and de – stress. However, achieving a sense of calm and sanity in one’s daily routine needn’t be costly nor require traveling to a designated venue. With a bit of creativity and DIY work, one can create a little haven of tranquillity, by way of an urban garden.

It is important to note that a city garden can take numerous forms. Depending on your setup, the garden can be on a terrace, balcony or in some cases on your apartment rooftop. In addition to providing a calming past – time, a garden can also provide healthy, fresh produce throughout the year. One way to achieve this is by using containers to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. This type of agriculture is best suited for plants that typically have thin roots. Examples of such vegetables include lettuce and carrots. It is a fairly simple method which is dependent on sufficient drainage and lighting, something that is easily accessible to any home.

If you wish to have bigger plants or those that have deeper roots, an alternative to container gardens exists. By making use of a balcony or building’s rooftop, a city dweller can utilize what would otherwise be idle space. These gardens require minimal weeding and cultivating due to the limiting soil quantity typically available. This type of gardening is also very convenient as there is optimum exposure to both rainfall and sunlight.

Those who may be doubtful as to whether they have ‘green hands’ need not worry. The manner in which city gardening is done is pretty much the same as ordinary gardening. The same principles apply, requiring cultivating, weeding and watering. Because of the compact nature of urban gardening, it can actually be more interesting as one can plant a variety of vegetables on different shelves, containers or baskets. This can prove to be a relaxing and fulfilling hobby that can enrich one’s lifestyle. It just goes to show that indeed the finer things in life are free.


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