Lengthening The Summer Season Way Into Winter


Over the past articles, focus has been put on different gardening ideas from the exotic to having pleasant animal life roaming about in your backyard. There are however specific climatic conditions that must be prevalent to be able to pull it off. On the contrary, just because you stay in temperate regions or areas where the weather is not particularly conducive doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the pleasures that come with having a garden. A particularly challenging environment is snow. With a bit of skill and commitment however, one can grow plants regardless of how frosty it gets.

A method that has long been employed is using floating row covers. In this case a clear plastic sheet is pulled over columns of crops. This allows the average gardener to lengthen the summer season as crops can be grown well into winter. Employing floating row covers helps to heat up the soil as they absorb the sunlight during the day. In addition, when night time comes, they will offer protection to your plants preventing frost and freezing of the roots and stem. Given that they are cheap and effective, row covers provide a comprehensive and affordable way of keeping your garden going even in the winter season.

Another long used alternative is a greenhouse. These offer a more permanent albeit costly manner to shield your crops from the elements. While the option to build one’s own greenhouse exists, it is usually time consuming and easy to get wrong. Regardless, a greenhouse is great as it maintains an artificial ecosystem which precludes whatever harsh conditions might prevail on the outside. In places where sunlight is not as effective or available, small heating units can be used to regulate the temperature to the optimum desired level.

If the external environment is absolutely impossible the next best thing is to try indoor gardening. Especially small plants and herbs can thrive within the house. You can use pot plants as a good way to dot your plants in and around the house. For a more extensive gardening experience, particularly growing vegetables, a basement can be utilized. Any room with a window facing the sunrise can come in handy in nurturing your plants with all the necessary elements.

However you wish to lengthen your summer season remember to input patience and commitment to get the best results.

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