Keeping Your Garden On A Healthy Diet

green-waste-513609_640Gardening has long been a therapeutic and highly rewarding exercise for most people, whether in the country side or for urban dwellers. One of the most frustrating things however, can be a garden that fails to thrive, regardless of how much time and effort put into it. Among many reasons, it can be the case that a garden lacks the required nutrients in terms of quantity and / or quality. Just as people are leaning to more healthy, organic diets, so too should be the case with a garden. Though synthetic fertilizers may provide a quick fix, for long lasting results, it is necessary to provide your garden with wholesome nourishment. A sure way to do this is by making a compost heap.

The first thing to consider is the containment that will be used. Since a compost is basically a mix of decomposing organic material, there is no need to construct an elaborate structure. What is of great importance is to have a framework that can hold all the ingredients intact, allowing the complete decomposition of plant matter within it. Ideally, the structure should allow free flowing air movement and be extendable.

When it comes to the mound itself, the type of items that you include is of great significance. If possible, there should be a good combination of dried out and green organic matter, mainly plants. Another important consideration is to keep the compost humid, by watering periodically. Leftover newspapers, old wood and dry leaves along with food waste and lawn cuttings make for a perfect combination.

It is also a good thing to figure out what type of compost will work for your specific space. Composts usually come in two forms. One can either opt for a stationary variant or a rotating model. A stationery compost is most convenient for small spaces or crowded apartment blocks, where something as simple as a bin containment can be used. With rotating composts, a tumbler that aids in the mixing and humidifying process is employed, making for a richer humus, at a faster rate.

These are all proven techniques that can be used to improve your garden’s state of being and assure that any gardener’s best efforts pay off.

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