Enjoying Your Garden With The Little Ones

So you are an avid gardener with years under your belt or you’ve just discovered the joys that come with working the land. The only thing better than the peace and serenity of this activity, possibly, is sharing it with the people who matter in your life. Many gardeners who enjoy their passion, are keen to have others experience it as well. This can be a challenge, particularly with children. However, given the many unhealthy pastimes out there like violent video games, drugs and whatever else kids get up to, it may be a good idea to try and introduce your children to gardening too. It is a great physical activity that brings bonding opportunities as well as learning experiences to growing individuals.

The first thing to note is that, save for the odd exception, most children will have an inherent interest in gardening. The prospect of playing with mud and water is often irresistible, particularly to the tiny tots. To complement this, always try to give your kids engaging tasks. It is important to supervise them and make sure that they don’t injure themselves while at it. Failing to strategically give the young ones interesting activities in the garden will result in them getting bored in no time.

Another thing to consider is the time that you spend in the garden. While it may be blissful for you to spend half the day tending to your plants and hedge rows, children usually have rather short attention spans. The younger the child the shorter that span will be. As such, especially when starting out, try to limit the amount of time that the kids have to be in the garden. They will be more engaged and also have more fun at it, before they decide to move on to the next thing.

Even though the young ones usually require a healthy amount of supervision and assistance, children generally enjoy their freedom and will seek out autonomy where possible. To avoid stifling their creativity and disengaging them, allow for your kids to have their own space and tools to work with. The feeling of independence will encourage them, and set them up for a great sense of achievement.

Whichever route you end up settling on, remember to stay safe and remain of good cheer. The idea is to enjoy the experience and not necessarily groom little landscaping Picassos.

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