Claiming Your Piece Of Paradise

imageWhenever you look at a postcard or ad about tropical destinations, the unmistakable greenery and forestry is enough to inspire even the biggest couch potato to jump on the next plane. However, the harsh reality is that not everyone can spare the time nor money to engage in these kinds of activities. Furthermore, the few that actually get to visit can only experience the atmosphere for as long as they are there, usually just a few days or weeks at best. An answer to this plight has cropped up in the form of exotic plant gardening.

Nothing screams the tropics and leisurely holiday – making like a palm tree. Known by the botanical name, Trachycarpus fortune, a palm tree boasts a thick trunk with wide fan – shaped leaves. Palm seeds are relatively easy to get at gardening shops, though it would be recommended that one buys a shoot and then transplant it. By keeping your new plant protected from strong winds and covering it with grass over the winter period, you should be able to enjoy a nice palm shade in no time. Cocktails and a hammock are optional!

For those looking for a bit of mountainous inspiration, a fern can create the right atmosphere. Though there are many varieties of ferns, they all share the quality of being resilient and can endure extreme weather. This makes it a perfect plant for someone with a lock – up and go lifestyle, as it requires minimal attention. As long as you keep it away from hot, glaring sunshine, it should fare quite well.

Another favorite when it comes to adding an exotic touch to your garden is the arum lily. Giving a hint of oriental appearance and aroma, this white, angelic flower will dazzle any visitor to your assemblage. These plants do very well in a damp area, close to a pond if available. Though they are fairly tough the sunlight is a requirement. A bit more attention is required when it comes to pruning and mulching but all your efforts will come to fruition once the plant starts thriving.
By adding simple exotic plants into your garden, you can unlock a wonder world that can provide a peaceful refuge when you need to unwind.

A word of caution though, always consult your local garden expert about invasive plants before introducing a new plant species in your garden.

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