Containers for your garden.. which one (Part I)?

Everyone, who does gardening meets the same problem: it’s a lack of containers and the difficulties with choosing the right one. However, there are thousands of different pots on the market, which can be used by you. They are made of different materials, which you need choosing from. Meet our advices, concerning the best ways of choosing containers for the garden.



It’s probably the most universal material, which can also be used for making your garden pots. It’s cheap (so that you don’t pay more) and simple in usage. Most of these containers can serve you as long, as you need. However, there is such a serious disadvantage of this kind of pots, as its poor design. Most of them look really bad.



More traditional material for garden pots is clay. It looks attractive, especially if you draw it in various colors. However, clay is much less practical, than plastic. Experienced gardeners claim, that this material can suffer from temperature changes and become too dry with the time. So, changing of these pots is a little bit expensive.



You can use metal bucket as a pot, if you like. It can fit some big plant, whether it’s a bush or a tree. Metal can look attractively in your garden, either as it’s more practical – the only thing, you should be aware of, is rust. As you know, it’s the biggest enemy for the metal. And you can’t keep your pot dry, because you’ll need to water your plants.

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