Top gardening tips for the beginners

1.Track your plants

The experts in gardening advice to keep the ‘journal’ for plants you purchase and plant. After some period of time, having all of these records, you’ll be able to discover, where some particular species were purchased and how they were planted.

2.Take care of your shovel

Shovel is a main tool for any person, who is engaged in gardening. That’s why you should take care of it and cover it with some silicone spray – and the soil will slip off your shovel.

3.Foam instead of a ground

Some plants in pots can be lighter, than they are. You just need to replace the1/3th of the ground with  some package foam, for example. It would make your pot to weight much less.

4.Plant transportation must be quiet

Plants are very fragile, especially if you are going to transport them. You need to take care of the proper package for them in order to get it in a perfect condition.

The specialists advice to use ladder and put the plant pots between the steps of a ladder.

5.Some plants need isolation

There are some ‘aggressively growing’ plants, which can easily be spreaded all over the garden. In order to not let them occupy some new territories, you can plant them in a pot. Thus, it will limit the roots of a plant and won’t let it to create the group of such a plant.

There are much more tips for a newly-made gardener, that should be told about! We’ll discuss them in further articles.

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