Test your soil before you plant

The best advice, that could be given to a beginning gardener, is testing his soil. It’s the only way to know, what is your future strategy for planting anything you like.

There are different criterias for analyzing your soil. The pH and nutrient levels are included. Measuring them can be made in the local nursery or some special labs only.  However, sometimes you can purchase a special testing kit for making some soil tests in your garden. As a rule, they are available in the gardening stores.

You need the results of these tests in order to know, thow alkaline and acidic are the soils you are working with. These values affect the level of absorbing of the nutrients by your plants. Consequently, you’ll know, how to treat the soil for sure.

The texture of a soil you work with is important too. A perfect condition of the soil is when it’s shoveled and crumbled in your hands easily. In any other case, like when your soil is clay-like or hard instead, your plants will face the difficulty to grow their roots deeply. if you have any problems with soil, you can add some fresh one, mixed with a compost for a better harvest.

Another decision you can make, based on the results of such test, is the set of plants you grow. Some of them will be OK with the type of soil you have; while others can meet some serious problems. So check more about it.

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