Small tips for your garden

Gardening can be smart – of course, if you listen to the advices we can provide you with. Here are some interesting ideas, that will be definitely liked by you. Check them out.

1.Bring calcium to your soil

A soil needs calcium, in order to be more fruitful each time you grow something. However, buying any special minerals and vitamins for your soil is not needed. We can use a simple product, which is available for everyone. It’s a mashed eggshell, which is simply brought onto your soil. Just don’t throw it away next time you’ll eat them!

2.Replace your seasonal plants easily

Sometimes people grow some seasonal, temporary plants in their garden. Let’s say, it would be some herbs, veggy greens, etc. If you don’t want to dig your ground each time you need to replace it, just use double pots for planting them. Dig a hole and insert a pot there; after that insert the plant with its pot inside. Such a system guarantees an easy removal next time easily.

3.How to protect a garden from pets?

It’s a well-known fact, that your pets can destroy your garden easily in many different ways. The only solution is keeping them away from the plans. However, it’s not so easy as well. Here is a simple way to do it – use plastic forks, vertically standing in the ground. Any pet won’t be able to pee on your veggies this time. Pretty convenient solution!

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