Reasons To Buy Organic Flowers

People around the world buy flowers for different occasions. Men buy it for Mother’s day, birthdays, to surprise their loved ones… Women buy it to decorate their living space or to give it to someone as a gift. But, have you ever thought about buying organic flowers?
Growing flowers organically has many benefits, including:

• reduction of toxic chemical usage;
• it brings life to the soil;
• it’s good for the environment;
• it’s safer for farmers and farm workers;
• it promotes long-term sustainability of farmland.

The problem with pesticides in growing flowers is that they don’t stay put, they contaminate water supplies, our homes, gardens and bodies. Pesticides can even speed up ozone depletion and increase the risk of cancer. Knowing all this leads you to a conclusion that non-organic flower-growth has a serious impact on our health and environment.

Rather than using toxic chemicals to destroy pests, organic farmers rely on prevention, and also on growing thriving, pest-resistant plants through healthier soil and environment. So organic flower-growers not only reduce the amount of toxic compounds in the biosphere, they actually improve the environment and promote the sustainability of farmland.

Many of the flowers we buy at supermarket floral departments and florists come from other countries where pesticide regulations are far more lax than they are here. Floral workers often suffer the risk of exposure to chemicals that have been banned.

So, buying organic flower is a way of supporting the health of our planet and ourselves. Don’t hesitate next time and don’t be lazy – find a flower shop that sells organically grown flowers!

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