Organic Garden and its Benefits

From the past few years, trend of organic gardening has seen a rapid increase. The majority of this increase was seen in US. Organic gardening has enabled a lot of families to be self sufficient regarding their food supply. Food stores & restaurants now prefer organic foods because of the increasing demand of their customers. Organic gardening can be done even on small scale, just growing what you need. If you have sufficient or empty space, a variety of veggies and fruits can be grown. Organic gardening needs to be promoted more and more. The aged techniques used, from thousands of years such knowledge should be spread. This is vital to meet the widening gulf in food supply.

There are notably four different techniques for organic horticulture. These techniques differ with every region being native to the region. Organic gardening works in a way that it tends to cause minimum damage to earth’s natural balance and surrounding ecosystem.

A simple plot of well kept organic garden can even keep a community fed providing a sustainable way of living. Hence it helps in boosting the local economy of the region.

Organic gardening at the same time itself provides means for carrying on the garden in forms of seeds, this form of horticulture requires intensive care and patience. Those who take these endeavors must have sufficient knowledge as to what they are dealing with.

Most widely & successfully technique used is known as square foot gardening method.

The fertilizers that can be used are simple & easy to come by as well. The way this trend is going it will expand immensely.

Organic gardening has become a part of the daily gossip in much of the world. Like other things trending these days organic gardening is on rapid rise. As scientific research sheds more and more light on harmful side effects of pesticides & artificial nutrients that is used in farming techniques.

  •  The top most benefit is the increased nutritional value of the food. Organic food is rich in essential vitamins & nutrients required by our body as part of our daily diet. The reason is simple, no use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.
  •  Organic gardening is promoting biodiversity. This certainly will put a leash on this environmental issue. As organic gardening encourages seed preservation hence diverse nature of food is produced in best way.
  •  The taste of organically grown, fruits vegetables is immensely better than non organic ones. That’s the reason many well known restaurants have started to prefer organic food for their meals.
  •  Having one’s own organic garden means they have to spend less on buying food stuff. Therefore organic gardening is really economical thing do.
  •  Organic gardens make use of natural fertilizers like compost. A mega impact of this would be less garbage.
  •  Fitness experts now have started to recommend organic gardening as a form of exercise. Naturally as this process demands some tiresome work but undoubtedly extremely beneficial.






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