Make your pots lighter

We used to think, that the flower pots, as a rule, are pretty heavy. Their weight is rather big, because of the soil and the stones in the pot. And if you can’t get rid of the soil, you can leighten the pot, replacing the stones on its bottom. In this article we’d like to tell more about this procedure and its main aim.

So, let’s start from the very beginning – why do we need stones on the bottom of the pot? The answer is simple – it’s a drainage. It is used to remove the wastes of water after the plant was watered. The odd liquid will be seen around the pot.

Instead of using the heavy stones for the drainage, we’d like to offer you some much lighter alternative – the foam peanuts. They can be met in any package you open, for example, when you order something on the web. These foam peanuts allow the water to go through, – a perfect solution for the drainage. Besides, it can be found free in any of your next package.

Reducing the weight of the plant pot can also be achieved in the other way. Some of the gardeners prefer a special gardening mix instead of the classical soil. It consists of the vermiculite and peat moss, so that the pot will become lighter. However, you shouldn’t worry about the plants themselves – they will continue their growing even in such modern pots with no problems.


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