Looking at flowers is a great pleasure

Flowers surround us everywhere. When you walk down the street, you see your neighbours’ flowers around their houses; when you enter anyone’s house – you can see flowers on walls, on the carpet and somewhere else. There are many examples of using flowers as a decoration – and scientists claim, that such an approach is based on the human’s nature. People love the way flowers look like – and it goes from the history of a mankind.

The first flowers were actually found in some ancient manuscripts, created in year 52 B.C. After that, there were many different ways people used flowers as a decoration – the Romans, the Greeks and so on.

Sometimes flowers were used not just as a decoration, but as some sign or a way to show the message. This approach has a romantic background – but in the Middle ages, flowers were sent with the messages to the beloved ones. Actually, today people do it the same way.

All of these examples prove, that flowers are a great tool to express some romantic feelings, to share them with other people. And a beautiful outlook of the flowers is the explanation for this.

So, don’t worry, if you can’t visit some museum to look at the paintings of the greatest artists, in order to feel a joy. You can plant some flowers in your garden, wait for a little – and they will make you feel better with their beautiful look. Try it – and you will be definitely pleased!

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