Keeping your plant portfolio

Many people, who just start growing some of their first plants in the garden, don’t think well about the details. They often hurry up, in order to plant the seeds and get the first harvest as soon as possible. However, there are some small details, which should be thought well about. One of them is a plant portfolio. In this article we’d like to describe it more.

What’s this?

First of all, a plant portfolio can be a cheap photoalbum with information about your plants inside. When you plant the seeds, you should draw the plan of your yard and set the actual sorts of the plants and the places, where you planted them. It’s needed for tracking the information about its growth.

The details

Except of the simple information about the location of plants, you should also add some details. They include such points, as the shop, where your plants were bought, the manufacturer, the time you planted them and the temperature. This data can seem ridiculous for the first time, but keeping such a portfolio (or, actually, a kind of diary for your plants), you can get some precious facts very soon.

For example, when the time for gathering the harvest comes, you’ll see the quality of the seeds, you purchased; the best temperature for planting; the time of the year you planted your previous harvest and so on. This portfolio will definitely help you each of the next years you’ll do gardening.

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