How to transport your pots?

If you have to transport your pots to your garden, you can face one simple, but annoying problem – your pots will be unstable, when your transport turns. For example, you can put your pots into a car, but when the trip finishes, you’ll notice, that the ground will be everywhere inside your vehicle. Of course, it’s not a good experience, so in this article we’d like to give you some simple advises on how to transport your pots smart.

First of all, you can use a ready solution – some special boxes, which are being sold in the market. But they will either take some more place in your garden or room; or they will result in some additional costs. So, we’d like to tell you more about our special tool, which will help you to transport your pots.

It’s a stepladder! It can be transported to your garden as well, but you don’t need to buy anything! Just paste the pots inside the spaces between the steps and be sure – your pots won’t even move, when your car drives!

This idea is universal, so that you can apply the same principle for many other objects to transport. For example, you can use it for moving some glass jars, if you don’t want them to get broken. However, you should cover them with some paper or rag, in order to protect it.

Another issue is the capacity of your car and the lengths of the ladder. If it’s too long – you can borrow some shorter one and repeat the process. And have a nice ride!


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