How to grow your own curry?

Sometimes people try to grow something more exotic in their garden. Here is a story of a man, who started growing his own curry in his own garden. As he claims, the number of bushes is pretty small – you won’t need much curry anyway. But several plants are OK for making your dishes more tasteful on a regular basis, cool, right? So, you’ll really have your own organic species in a yard.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning, that curry’s natural place of origin is the tropical forest. We can conclude, that it used to grow in a place with bad light (or even a shady one). So, as some gardening experts say, it can even be grown in the living room. It’s not so difficult to be grown – but the actual results will surprise you. First of all, you’ll always be able to flavour your meals with a 100% organic production. Second, your plantations of curry will allow you to have crops for future, which are pretty expensive, by the way. So, you’ll get a ‘lifelong subscription’ for curry, if you want to.

The hero of our story grows Red Asian shallots. As he claims, his first time was rather successful – he managed to get many small red peppers, being aromatic and having a great flavour. You won’t find any alternative for such a cheap price and with fewer efforts – believe me! And you can’t compare this curry with the one our grocery story supplies.


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