Food for your potted plants

When you grow your plants in gardening pots, you should pay great attention to the food they consume. For this aim, there are several kinds of solutions, presented on a market. In this article, we’d like to describe some of them, in order to compare them and to choose the best solution for your garden.

So, any food must be given to plants after you water them. So, take care of this and fix this issue.

The basic components of the majority of plant foods are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Each of them brings some useful properties for the plants. Nitrogen is good for the growth of the plants’ leaves; phosphorus is needed for healthy roots and shoots of the plant. If we are talking about potassium, it is responsible for flowering and fruiting of the plant.

All of the plant foods can be separated into two major groups: the liquid and the slow-release ones. The first group is given on a regular basis, because it has fast affect on the plant, due to its liquid formula. You can either produce it on your own (using some comfrey leaves, for example); or you can buy it in the shop. As an alternative for this, some seaweed feed can be used. It is rich in nitrogen and macronutrients, so it will be extremely useful for your plants.

On the other hand, slow-release foods are used, as a rule, two times a year. For this purpose, people use chicken manure pellets or some worm casts.

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