Containers for your garden.. which one (Part II)?

In the previous chapter of this article we have discussed some of the most popular kinds of garden pots. They are practical, easy-to-use and, in most cases, have an affordable price. Today we’d like to continue on our list, bringing some more examples of the type of materials for pots, which can be used in gardening. So, let’s continue!Wood


Actually, wood is considered to be the most ‘natural’ material, used in gardening. In the past centuries all of the tools, used for gardening and planting were made of wood. It was affordable and cheap material, much more popular than any other.

Today, however, wooden pots are more expensive, than the plastic ones. Besides, their term of usage is shorter, either as the requirements for this type of material are much more numerous.

Some of the gardeners, who don’t want replace their pot every year, prefer using some plastic parts, combined with the wooden ones. It makes the lifespan of one (‘semi-’) wooden container much longer.

Other materials

Besides the mentioned above types of materials, used in gardening, there are also a lot of other ones. For example, we can mention the compost bags for growing some mushrooms or potatoes. These are the usual plastic bags, filled with some compost or soil. They are cheap, mobile and effective enought.

You can also create some unique type of containter, if you’d like to. The only thing you need is a little bit of fantasy – it will help you to turn almost anything from your trash bin into the gardening pot.

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