Starting An Organic Garden – The Sun And The Soil

Here are a few simple and quick tips if you’re a beginner in organic gardening. Starting your own organic garden may seem easy, but before you put the seed into the ground, you need to find the perfect spot for your garden, meaning that it has to be close to you (so you can check the progress of your crops every day), it has to be at a sunny place and the soil needs to be good.

Two most important things for your garden are the sun and soil. Your garden should have at least six hours of direct sun light in the middle of day, in order to “function” right. This is usually recommended for crops like peppers, tomatoes and squash. Other crops, like lettuce and spinach, need just three or four hours of direct sun, but in general try to choose the sunniest spot you can find.

As aforementioned, another very important factor you need to consider before starting your garden is the quality of the soil. Good, healthy soil is absolutely necessary if you want to have good (and tasty) vegetables or fruit in the end of the process. Make sure that the soil drains well (that water doesn’t puddle after a rain or during the irrigation process).

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