Organic Spices

Food without spices is like a bird without wings. Spices give that special aroma and taste to almost every dish in the world. It sounds strange, but spices can also be grown organically. By avoiding all forms of hazardous pesticides, fungicides and radiation and by using cutting edge technology, many farms throughout the world produce organic spices. The main question is – how to use technology to our advantage?

There are two main processes designed to ensure food safety, by destroying all pathogens without using dangerous chemicals. These two key technologies are steam treatment and the dry heating method.

Steam treatment

A special machine called autoclave destroys all bacteria, viruses and fungal spores using only a combination of air pressure and superheated water. This sterilization method is also used in some hospitals, because it’s known for its effectiveness. This steam treatment is a replacement for dry heat methods – it avoids higher temperatures in order to protect more sensitive ingredients. Ingredients that are steam sterilized for 3 minutes at 135oC achieve the same degree of sterility as if hot, dry methods were used for 2 hours at 160oC.

Dry heating method

Unfortunately, some ingredients such as powders don’t allow the use of steam treatment for practical reasons. If the dry heating method is the only alternative, the best (and the quickest) results will be achieved whit a combination of a raised temperature and forced ventilation. Ventilation will help you get all of the benefits of dry heating.

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