How Big Is The Organic Food Industry?

If you’re starting a business, the first thing you should do is examine whether there’s a demand for your products or services. When it comes to organic food growing, people usually say that there’s “lots of potential” but “a small number of buyers”. They believe this is true because organic products are very expensive compared to non-organic ones. And they’re right about the part where they’re talking about potential. But, they have underestimated the strength of demand. The best way to describe the size of the organic food industry is to use numbers.

US is the country with the highest organic food revenue, almost 25 million euros, compared to the second place Germany which has achieved “only” 7 million. The biggest organic food markets are the US and the EU ones. US has a share of 43% while European Union has 40%. All other countries in the top ten have very small shares (less than 5%).

When we talk about the US, more than 60% of people declared to prefer organic over non-organic food. Retail sales of organic food in the United States note a constant growth since 2000 and will reach 60 billion dollars in total in 2017 if they continue to grow at this rate.

All these numbers lead us to only one conclusion – organic markets and industry are really big and have the potential to become even bigger. Further improvement in sales should be made in countries that register small organic production or sale. Statistics have shown that organic food is accepted in highly developed countries, while less developed countries consider it to be an unnecessary cost.

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