Fruits You Can Grow Organically Indoors

Many people would like to try to start their own organic garden, but don’t have a space for it. They soon give up. If someone told you that there are some fruits that you can grow organically, indoors, in containers, would you believe him/her? Probably not, but the truth is that there are some fruits that can be grown this way.

Mulberry tree

Unlike its “siblings,” the blueberry or strawberry, the mulberry is a tree. If you start from only one seed, it could be 10 years or more before you see an actual fruit. You don’t have to wait – you can speed up this process by buying an organically-raised small tree from your local store. Place it in a large pot in a warm, bright place and let the magic begin.

Fig tree

Why is the fig tree perfect for you home? For various reasons. First of them – it does not require direct sunlight, meaning that it’s perfect for apartments that don’t get a lot of sun. Second, you will have to feed it only a few times during the growing season. It can be kept inside (successfully) even if you live in a place with colder climate.

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