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Gardening with the app is much easier!

Mobile technologies are presented all of the spheres of our life. Our smartphone applications provide us with any information, you could imagine. Whether it’s a weather forecast or our favorite football team’s game date – you can check it in your phone anytime you want. Gardening is a sphere, that seems to be far from the internet technologies. It is more considered to be something more traditional, something, where the technologies come slowly. Of course, it’s a big mistake.


All of the experience, gathered from many farmers and people, who grow plants for their joy, is available in several mobile apps. Having downloaded them, you could probably know, when you should grow your plants, where and how you should do this. As a result, your farming may become much more successful with the help of some modern mobile solutions.


One of the universal tool for farming, provided for any of popular mobile platforms, is called GYO. It has got either free or a paid version, which includes different useful features for any farmer. For example, the application contains information, related to hundreds of different species of fruits and vegetable. It has also numerous tips and advises for people, who grow anything. And GYO’s interface is simple so that you don’t need to spend any time for getting acknowledged with it.


Farming applications are a new trend in modern agriculture. They can really bring much use for you, while being used. Check them out and grow your success!

Containers for your garden.. which one (Part I)?

Everyone, who does gardening meets the same problem: it’s a lack of containers and the difficulties with choosing the right one. However, there are thousands of different pots on the market, which can be used by you. They are made of different materials, which you need choosing from. Meet our advices, concerning the best ways of choosing containers for the garden.



It’s probably the most universal material, which can also be used for making your garden pots. It’s cheap (so that you don’t pay more) and simple in usage. Most of these containers can serve you as long, as you need. However, there is such a serious disadvantage of this kind of pots, as its poor design. Most of them look really bad.



More traditional material for garden pots is clay. It looks attractive, especially if you draw it in various colors. However, clay is much less practical, than plastic. Experienced gardeners claim, that this material can suffer from temperature changes and become too dry with the time. So, changing of these pots is a little bit expensive.



You can use metal bucket as a pot, if you like. It can fit some big plant, whether it’s a bush or a tree. Metal can look attractively in your garden, either as it’s more practical – the only thing, you should be aware of, is rust. As you know, it’s the biggest enemy for the metal. And you can’t keep your pot dry, because you’ll need to water your plants.

Professional Gardening Tools

Of course you want the best tools for your organic garden. But, there are dozens of different tools out there. The logical question here is – how to choose quality and professional gardening tools? First of all, professional gardeners don’t want fancy wood handles or shiny polished blades. This is totally irrelevant to them. Instead, they choose tough, sharp tools that can be used all day to get the job done. This is something you too should strive for.

Shovels and spades are the workforces of the garden and these days almost all originate from China (doesn’t matter what the label says). Some of them can be decent tools, but none of them can be compared to real professional tools.

Tolls that are all-steel constructed and shaped specifically with sharpened edges are something you should search for. If you find a tool with chrome-molybdenum alloy steel blades and handles that are carefully heat-treated in order to produce exceptionally strong “toy”, don’t hesitate, buy it instantly! This material is often used in aircraft and automotive industries where high-strength steel parts are needed, so you should definitely buy some for yourself if you want to have the best possible gardening tools.

Some facts about Organic Gardening


To have a healthy life, safe and sound environment is the dream of every person. It’s all depend upon how much you are familiar with the organic matters the more the idea about pesticides, insecticide and the herbicides the more we can be able to modify our crops. It helps us make our food healthy. It’s a normal way to show how much environment friendly you are. We apply chemicals in the soil to boost up our plants so they grow in less time with more and good quality food. There are some tips for the organic gardening:

  1. Making a company of plants is the best way to build an effective garden and keep the pests away.
  2. If you are using the organic fertilizer for sometime than make a pile with the help of a trap to make plants save from leaching.
  3. The plant which loves acids would be preferred to be grown in the coffee ground.
  4. Water the plants in morning is good as it remove some fungal disease which are caused due to high level of humidity.
  5. A new plant needs a lot of organic fertilizer and extra care for the good growth.
  6. Make your garden attractive for the inserts who produces the nectar like ladybug, dills etc.
  7. It is observed that the plants having thin leaves need more water as compare to the plants having thick leaves.
  8. Less than 3 percent inserts are proven as harmful for the plants rest of they are useful.
  9. Avoid having any chemical factory around your vegetable garden as it will be harmful for your health and even destroy garden.
  10. Once you have placed a seed in your garden you have to watered it daily initially sprinkle the water twice a day so that your seed will be moist otherwise it can die.
  11. Earthworms are said to be very beneficial for the soil. The air space in the soil is increased by them and the leave casting behind. To boost the existence or increment in the No. of the earthworm do whatever is possible for you.
  12. The soil which is well mulched only requires the 1 inched layer of the organic fertilizer so its quality is remain the same.
  13. To make your plant full of nutrients and save them from diseases rotate its after at least one year.




Organic gardening is all about something growing by using some specific techniques. There are a several benefits of organic gardening however I even have solely delineated many of the most useful. The basic advantages of organic gardening are that they provide us a better Nutrition, freed from poison food, enhanced taste and longer shelf-life. Organic food is protecting our family and friend from toxic pesticide that are found in fruits and vegetables.

One of the most effective benefits of organic gardening is that the ability to grow the healthiest food. There are huge taste differences between the vegetables that you are growing in your own garden which you are purchased from the grocery store. No chemical applied on Organic vegetables for this reason it is abundant batter in taste. Two things are required to make sensible flavor in fruit and vegetables, first one is element and also the different one is time.

The second benefit is a smaller amount value is applied in organic gardening. Money is saved by fertilize seed rather than buy vegetables from market. This short method can save your money.

People concerned outdoor activities by organic gardening. If you have got an out of door gardening this can be good for your mental and physical health. Outdoor air quality is much better than indoor air quality. By doing outdoor gardening atmosphere will be cleaned and oxygen provided by living plants are good for human lungs. And human can safe from millions of diseases.

Automatically exercise is finished by doing organic gardening because hand tools are used rather   than power tools. Organic gardening can offers your body exercise like bending, stopping; lower body, higher body and shoulder exercises should be involved in organic gardening.

If the chemicals are utilized in gardening this can effect on your health and cause some problems such as anxiety, memory problem, personality changes, miscarriages, lung cancer, breast cancer, birth defects, damaged brain function and asthma therefore organic gardening is best for the people health as a result of within the organic gardening use no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, poison, tools and other dangerous substances is not used. Organic gardening is chemical free.

In short organic gardening may be a earth-friendly, healthier and also the strait forward way to grow the things you eat. Human health and atmosphere is that the two best benefit of the organic gardening.